lis•anne (also known as "lis")



(also known as "lis")


• a human being, residing on the planet known as "Earth."

• born in Toronto, Canada with roots in Hong Kong.

• born in Toronto, Canada with roots in Hong Kong.

• can be described as honest & empathetic with a dash of the whimsical.

a timeline

2005 • discovered Neopets. Started learning and building an interest in code through pet pages and user lookups. Began self-learning basic design programs and started designing graphics for various communities (online and offline) and friends throughout highschool.
2009 • graduated highschool and started attending George Brown College, School of Design. Volunteered as a graphic/web designer for a number of k-pop fan community forums. Started a number of creative side hobbies such as: book binding, paper quilling, and calligraphy!
2014 • graduated with an Ontario College Advanced Diploma. Also started first job as a professional graphic designer shortly after!
2019 • co-founded
GÜDE CO. with her partner in crime, Steve.

brief list of core skills

• creative and art direction
• branding, logo, identity design
• UI, interactive, web design
• print and publishing
• social media, ad, collateral design
• event, video production
• digital marketing, content strategy
• product design and development
• project management and outsourcing

other creative endeavors

• paperquilling

• calligraphy

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